Size of a sperm cell

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The cells in your blood a pretty small, they are about one tenth the width of a human hair ( microns). The head of a sperm is slightly smaller than a blood cell (5 microns). A sperm cell is the smallest cell found in the human body. The sizeof a sperm cell's tail is around 50 micrometers in length. A human sperm cell contains just one copy each of 23 chromosomes. A chromosome is made up of genetic material (one long piece of DNA) wrapped around structural support proteins (histones). Histones organize the DNA and keep it from getting tangled, much like thread wrapped around a spool.

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Sperm cells cannot divide because they are haploid, that is, they contain 23 chromosomes. However, after the fusion with the egg cell, which contains 23 chromosomes as well, they create a diploid cell of 46 chromosomes (totipotent zygote). Speed of a Sperm Cell. Typical adult chinooks range from 20 to 35 inches in length, which averages to about 70 cm **. A typical sperm whale is about 19 m * long. The speed of the salmon and whale quoted in "Mach 20" were divided by the body lengths cited above to .

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